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Dress Code

Academic Attire for Students 

All LBUSD K-8 schools require that students follow a uniform clothes policy. Please read our guidelines so that you will be fully aware of what is and is not acceptable in student dress at Herrera Elementary School. Students are expected to be dressed in the appropriate uniform daily. Herrera 's uniform policy will be strictly enforced!  


Herrera is a scholarly community. As such, school uniforms have helped to make classrooms academically focused, prevent campus crime, and alleviate peer pressure. Moreover, uniforms are required for students in all elementary and middle schools in the Long Beach Unified School District.  Student uniforms help to create a positive learning climate, contribute to safe schools, and encourage higher standards of excellence in students’ dress, conduct and achievement. Resources are available to assist economically disadvantaged pupils.  Information about assistance and exemptions may be obtained by contacting the school’s Assistant Principal in person.  100% uniform compliance is our goal this year! Please support our efforts to keep your child safe and focused on learning by having him/her in uniform each day. 

Tops and Shirts:

  • color:  white, navy blue, red or light blue

  • collared polo style shirt

  • no tank tops or strappy tops where shoulders are exposed

  • no cropped tops where stomach or abdomen will be exposed

  • no shirts with logos other than Herrera t-shirts

  • sweaters and jackets can be of any color as long as the logo is smaller than 3”

  • no professional sport team logos (for safety reasons)

  • college and university gear is acceptable for outerwear

Bottoms and Pants:

  • Pants, walking shorts, dark blue jeans, blue jean shorts, navy jumpers

  • Belts must be worn if pants are loose

  • Shorts must be knee length (no short shorts)

  • Leggings worn underneath dresses and skirts must be navy blue or white

Other Uniform Guidelines:

  • All shoes must be flat.  Heels or open-toed shoes are not appropriate.

  • For safety, students may not wear large or dangly earrings to school.

  • No intentionally ripped or torn pants or clothing.